Your colours at your horse or pony hooves

As a colour is highlighted when applied on healthy horn, we have added keratin to the watery-based colour that does not attack the horn or the environment with solvents. Keratin is one of the only horn enrichers that does not harm the product grip. It is made of a long chain of amino acids. It can be found on the epithelium cells that constitute the skin superficial layer (epidermis). It is particularly abundant on the skin superficial layer, on the dander (hairs, lashes, nails). Those structures, that are rich in keratin, are so called horned. The role of the keratin, that is fibrous, very resistant as well as very flexible, is to participate to the cytoskeleton. This is a group of filaments and tubes that support the cell. The keratin also ensures an efficient protection against external aggressions. The keratin is insoluble and can be found on the epidermis of some animals, mainly mammals, as it ensures them a waterproof skin. Sometimes, when a friction is too important, keratin can appear on the skin surface: this is horn.

As no regulation exists regarding animal cosmetics, these products meet the cosmetic norms applied to humans in Europe.


Equinail is a 100% French product, made in the centre region named the cosmetic valley.