For the launch of Equinail, 12 colours have been selected among the most trendy colours and the colours that allow to create the main European flags that are sold in packs of three flasks: bleu, blanc, and rouge; noir, jaune, and rouge; vert, blanc, and rouge; or vert, blanc, and orange.

Thanks to the Pack 01, you will be able to create the French, Dutch, and Luxembourgish flags, as well as the Union jack. With the Pack 02, you can create the Italian flag. The Pack 03 allows you to create the Irish flag. And the Pack 04 is destined for the creation of the German and Belgian flags.

The blanc and rouge allow you to adopt the Swiss and Austrian style!

12 colours are really helpful for polo or horse ball teammates to find their way when upside down, and the endurance competitors to customise themselves, not to mention the pony games.

12 of these colours also allow you to reproduce most of the 18 colours that are authorized during flat and obstacles trials, and most of the 14 authorized colours during trot.

The pink colour, that is often asked, has not been selected yet because of its weak covering power on the horn. It has been replaced by rose corail instead.

However, many horse riders have chosen violet madeleine whose fuschia colour looks like pink.

As many basic colours have been selected, you can easily create your on mixes, for example between the blanc and the bleu to get a light blue, or between the rouge and the blanc to get a pink. The mix of the noir and vert colours will allow you to get a darker green.

Equinail can also create your own colour, subject to an important ordered quantity (please contact us).