How to use EQUINAIL keratin hoof polish

Equinail, use

Well shake before use. Apply a first layer on your horse hooves with the very resistant anti-rust silk brush applicator that is attached to the cap.

Even if the polish is water-based and non-aggressive for the skin, do not apply on the coronal band.

Let it dry a few seconds, and then apply a second layer and let it dry during 10 minutes. The more patient you will be, the more it will last.

Wash the brush after each use.
Recap the flask carefully and keep it away from children and frost.

Equinail dries in few seconds for a perfect shine. It doesn’t attract dust and can be removed easily with some hot water, soap and a brush, or by letting your horse free.

You can polish up to 4 to 5 horses and 8 to 10 ponies with a can, and then buy a refill that you can use with the brush.

Once opened, the product can be preserved a year away from frost.